Nap Of A Star
Chapter 1
This is a story about five boys and a star.

The boys and the star made a promise.

"We will meet again here if we separate"

As the boys separated over time, the star fell asleep.

Then the night sky lost its starlight and people lost their dreams.

And years have passed.

Chapter 2
(The flashing lamp is generating morse code:: Help Me )
"Oh my god. I have horns on my head."

Chapter 3

Chapter 4
The boys met again and the star woke up.

The boys felt

"now something magical will happen."



Explanation & Theory -xCeleste

各個item的象徵 解釋 拍攝手法與靈感的考究 -Bookish Theories

PS. 個人預告線索: 每個成員放置花朵的位置 就是影片中強調的某些身體部位 然竣: 咽喉上的傷痕; 秀彬: 耳朵; 杋圭: 左肩; 太顯: 左眼; 休寧凱: 心臟....



The Dream Chapter: MAGIC Concept Trailer

(2019/11/30 MMA2019 開場舞台展示了部分的表演 同持在主舞台中穿插了新的藝術舞台描述故事內容細節 除了在結尾預告了Eternity後續的存在 其實學校的時鐘也暗示了5:53[Blue Hour]的訊息)
PS. 2019/12/4 MAMA2019 的表演時間比較短 但還是有添加新的元素延續Magic章節的概念 同時在結尾再度透露了未來的章節Eternity




Magic Island

Section 1 The practice room ghost
This is the story of five boys searching for the star's song.

Though the boys met again, they couldn't have known yet.

Why they met, what they'll have to find, what they have to remember.

The star hasn't opened its eyes yet.

And the path ahead of the boys is still dark.

However, the boys couldn't have known anything.

Yeonjun: Did you hear about the rumor of the practice room mirror ghost?

Beomgyu: Wow

Taehyun: I did hear it but there's no such thing as ghosts. They probably didn't see properly because they were tired.

Soobin: Nowadays I'm having weird dreams TT Is it because I'm tired...

Hueningkai: Did you have another nightmare?

Soobin: In my dream we...   (the message didn't send out)

Yeonjun: Ah I brought it up for no reason it's nothing.

Beomgyu: What's so scary about it, go at nighttime to check whether there's a ghost kkk

Hueningkai: Hyungs, stop talking about scary things TT

Taehyun: Beomgyu hyung planning on pulling a prank again??


Yeonjun: Should we just go to Ttukseom?

Section 2 Secret Island

Section 3 Castaway

Section 4 The Price of a Promise

Section 5 Eternal Name
Their memories began to return,

And the boys couldn't help but ask themselves this.

"Exactly whose fault could that have been."

And they heard someone's voice.

"Remember my name."


PS. 回顧影片發現的許多提示: 手機螢幕上的5:54=>Blue Hour(5:53)的結束

The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY Concept Trailer
摩斯密碼: SAVE ME

Soobin mouthed: 
"Am I the only one who's like this?"
"Don't you see me?"
"Don't mess around"
"Don't pretend you can't hear me.."
"Look at me.."
"I want to get out of here"

"This is all because of you... "

來源: @Pink Soobs's comment at




Eternally (開頭銜接Magic Island的結尾 內容正好是之前男孩們在火車上討論的練習室鬼故事的內容 但男孩本身似乎已經不記得)

Section 1 End of the Night
By the end of the night, the world was in fragments and ruined.

The boy's night was colored with darkness.

And their planned memories of the future were gradually corrupting the boys whilst they continued wandering in the maze of nightmares.

"Do we not have any other choice?"

The boys were left confused.

[Words on the mirrors and windows]
Find what's floating in the sky
I can't breathe
I need to get out / I must break out
Don't go up the stairs
What did we do wrong / What exactly did we do wrong?
Will we end up like this / Are we really going to turn out like this in the end

Section 2 The song of the star
招牌: Soft Ice Cream
傳單: Starlight festival (date: March 4th, the debut date of TXT)
"Tears always fall whenever I wake up from the familiar dream"

Section 3 Promise
"Back then, I thought that was salvation."

Section 4 No. 17
"Which side should I trust?" / "What side should I put my trust in?"

Section 5 Moratorium of Rest
Taehyun: Yeonjun hyung!! (repeat)

Ps. The way Yeonjun got cut on his throat is the same in the Nap Of A Star....

"We will find a way" / "We will be able to find a way"

Section 6 Eternity's Girl
"I can't reach that hand no matter hard I try." / "I can't get a hold of her no matter how desperate I'm trying to reach out"

Section 7 The Beginning of the End
The boys felt like they came back from a very far away place in a blink of an eye.

With fears inside them, the boys thought

"Was it all just a dream?"

[Words on the mirrors]
Remember my name

However, the boys were not aware that this was merely the beginning of the chaos.




Explained: Storyline & Timelines Breakdown and Analysis - Bookish Theories

THEORY/EXPLANATION - xCeleste 整理+文獻+連結其他線索與其他story line(BU/GU)

ETERNALLY MV EXPLAINED [TXT UNIVERSE THEORY] - Laina Sunflower 線索整理+文獻與其他story line....



The Chaos Chapter ....(2020/12/5 在MMA 2020的舞台結尾釋出了新的章節 )

2021/5/10(出道第800天) The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE Concept Trailer



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