And it's not just GW2 players' thoughts tbh... look at Bellular's reaction at 19:15 loll

at 9:44 and 12:23






Thank for your love, I'm touched ;)
























Hi, Dj, uh... something... some speculations just swarm into my mind....
Remember how weird you feel about the timing when Bellular started to play gw2?
And how I feel he was afraid of something while talking about Gw2? Now I guess he is not afraid of talking about Gw2, he might have known something in advance so he was afraid that he would slip while doing that vid...

I'm not sure if you saw his 1st reaction while seeing the new wow dragon fly system is released
something makes me feel odd,  but he shout out "gw2!" right away so I was so hyped that I ignore the odd... Now I suddenly feel his reaction is more like "Yes! My mission is complete! This is the moment I was preparing for!"

Do you think it is possible that BZ asks him to make some vid about him trying/introducing Gw2? bcz BZ is going to implement Gw2's idea. And for some reason, BZ wants to give credit to Gw2 indirectly, no matter is a transaction between two companies or pure friendship... I just feel hmm.... it makes more sense after thinking in this way lol

And while watching BZ dev introduce the dragon mount system, I do notice that they say 

it is a new thing "in WOW"

Since he limited the "new" stuff is just for the WoW so I guess Bz and Anet had some talk before, Bz can't pretend they invent it entirely ;)

2022/0//10 Ah~ nvm, I think it is just bc of his girlfriend lol
But since Bz did some change on Dracthyr's soaring, that make I believe it is bc that would kill GW2 if they keep it. But now one would know the real reasons, only I know is Asmongold is super mad about it and I understand it. It is unnecessary for wow players but important to these two, I guess ;D




2022/5/16最近補完怒西昂的故事XD 一直讓我聯想到Aurene 尤其是當他提到怒西昂吃了雷王(?)的心臟...不覺得很似曾相識嗎? ;p 雅麗史卓莎則是Soowon<3 




2023/03/27 一直想提這個部分但一直忘記
在看VB的團隊之旅的時候有注意到 Wing 5裡其中一個階段簡直就是巫妖王時期的倒影大廳(Halls of Reflection)

而Wing 5 尾王Dhuum基本上就是巫妖王style 

更有趣的是 Bz像是回應了GW2的這個王 另外創造了Jailer Zovaal, 造型就像是改良的Dhuum XDDD


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